Of Sex, Successes, and Syncophants || Loki and Drusilla


He wasn’t entirely sure what she was saying as she spoke. Not entirely through lack of misunderstanding of her words. At least, he understood that these were the pawns of their games or business, as each would refer to it respectfully. However, lacking the context of what she could be discussing, he could not entirely follow. “I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean, this time. But what would you like to do with them. If you’re so inclined, I can hand deliver these dolls to you when we rule this world. Would that please you?”

At her observation, his eyes raised from the cards to meet hers, blue boring into blue. His fingers left the card as he contemplated just how much he should say. Doubtless, lying to her was just a bit futile. Unfortunate, really, that he could not practice his chosen craft on her. “Of course I am. However, your Sight provides me with the certainty I lack. It worries me, indeed. But you are an invaluable asset.”

Drusilla gave Loki a slow and sultry smile when he offered her their enemies. She would be so very delighted to have so many of them. “Oh yes,” she purred. “I would be very pleased.” Her tongue snaked out between her teeth and she ran it over her lips, thinking of all the wonderfully dreadful things she could do. 

Drusilla paused at his compliment and smiled again. She took her remaining cards and then back to him. “Would you like to see the the rest of our dollies?” she asked him calmly. Her fingers trailed over the tops of her cards, waiting to show him the rest of her cards.

Reunion // Spike and Drusilla


It took a lot of willpower to keep him from stepping forward and placing the coat over her shoulders. He’d done it so many times before, it was a habit. He shoved his free hand into his pocket to quell the urge.

"Then maybe you can give me a hint," he said. "It’ll be like old times. You always did like to leave me guessin’. We can make a game of it."

Drusilla smiled at the thought of having a new game with Spike. It would make things more fun, wouldn’t it? She put her fingers to her lips and tapped them there for a short moment. “He would be so very cross with this game,” she mused for a long, long moment. 

Finally, her bright smile returned and she put a finger to her lips. “Shh,” she warned him. “One question,” she offered. She liked being wicked when it was so fun.

Reunion // Spike and Drusilla


Spike allowed himself a moment to take her in, seeing she was healthy. It shouldn’t have relieved him, but how could he expect to wish ill on her? Whoever this Loki was, he wasn’t treating her poorly. The thought of her running off to someone like Angelus nearly made him sick, so he was grateful that it didn’t look like that.

That was the only thing he was grateful about. Everything else kind of sucked.

"What are you playing at here, Dru?" he asked. "What are you trying to accomplish?"

Drusilla let Spike look her over. She smiled for him. She was well, though she still felt his loss. She wrapped her arms around herself as if cold. With a sigh, she shook her head at him. Silly Spike.

"We have all sorts of dreadful games planned," Drusilla said happily. She uncrossed her arms and clasped her hands together. When he asked what they were trying to accomplish, she shrugged. "I can’t tell you the end," she chided him. She tsked him and shook her head slowly.

Reunion // Spike and Drusilla


Spike was exhausted. He just wanted to go back to their current hideout, fall in bed, and sleep until his body felt remotely rejuvinated. He did make a stop by the butches for some pigs blood, though. He’d gone through a container by the time he was halfway to their set up, and though it wasn’t the most nourishing thing in existence it tasted bloody fantastic after a while without.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as a familiar presence slipped onto his radar. He nearly growled with exasperation. Of bloody course.

He walked a little further without saying anything, half hoping she would decide to go her own way, but when she didn’t relent he knew he would have to say something. He stopped, sighing heavily.

"You might as well come out," he said. "Know you’re there, pet."

Drusilla smiled and stepped out from the alleyway in front of Spike. It was good to see him face to face. She slowly walked towards him. She knew that he was not so equally pleased and it hurt to know why. The Slayer. It would always be the Slayer between them.

"I’ve missed you, my sweet," she told him honestly. She looked at the blood in his hands and her nose curled in disgust as it normally did whenever he decided to have something non-human. She would never understand his fascination with animal blood or human food. She didn’t need to to know it made him happy.

She looked back up to his face and watched him, uncertainty in her eyes. “You freed the lamb from the blackberry’s tangles. You didn’t stop, even when the thorns pierced you,” she began.

Of Sex, Successes, and Syncophants || Loki and Drusilla


He came to stand beside the table, prepared to speak of the deed with Iron Man. However, he paused as he noticed what she was doing. Her cards were of difference design and perhaps meaning than the cards he might recognize from the worshipers subscribed to the beings of Asgard, but he knew of their purpose: divining the future. He also knew that she didn’t need them exclusively to perform that task. However, he was curious. “We’ll discuss that later, perhaps,” he suggested.

His fingers extended, coming to rest on the Empress as he considered. “May I ask whose future you’re reading? And what, precisely, you see? Most with your proclivities followed Heimdall for the ability to See, though some looked to Odin and others. But I do not recognize these cards.” Loki turned his eyes upon her, brow quirked expectantly. “Care to enlighten me?”

Drusilla shrugged lightly. The conversation wouldn’t happen now, but later, yes later, they would discuss things. She smiled as she watched him inspect the cards. Business first and games later. His business needed more games, in her mind.

She shook her head at his question. “Their future is still flowing and I’ve yet to look beyond their bend in the river,” she admitted. “I wanted to see all of our dollies and put them in a row,” she told him. She looked at the card he touched and she gave a sneer. “Naughty girl,” she said, her lip curling angrily. “She stopped the gates from opening and then her friend pulled her from the lock,” she spat. “Naughty girl,” she repeated.

She looked up to him and smiled. “The future worries you,” she whispered.

"Do you know of the night when the stars come to visit Earth? Do the ones made by humans sing to you like the ones in the sky do?" by Anonymous

I do know of it. The ground shakes of it and laments their arrival. I wish I had seen it.


Human toys do not sing like the stars. Their tunes and beats will never feel the same, though they try to join the melody. I see them tangled in wires and hear the nonsense they speak.

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Reunion // Spike and Drusilla

Drusilla could freely admit that she’d been missing Spike. They hadn’t been in this new and foreign world for very long and she wanted to make sure he was alright. She could feel him with her heart, but she wanted to see him. Besides, he was the one constant in her life that would always be there, except for when he wasn’t. This world was still uncomfortable but he could fix that.

She followed Spike down an alleyway, wondering if he would still feel her following him. She waited until she could get ahead of him and she paused, just around the corner. The wind would not betray her, but her own actions might. This was once their game, after all.

Her sweet and deadly boy. What had been done to him? What had he done to himself?

Of Sex, Successes, and Syncophants || Loki and Drusilla


Loki was pleased. It was a strange development, for he was rarely wholly satisfied. But the plan they had conceived had worked perfectly, giving him time to consult with Hecate as well as move his next plan into motion. He needed to reintroduce himself to his enemies. He had never had a penchant for laying low. He could do so for as long as was required, but it always made him feel… restless. Even his harmless tricks to keep him entertained had to be withheld. They had been what had kept him sane on Asgard, what with all the overshadowed days. Now that he had left sanity in favour of a different strain, the ‘harmless’ perhaps was subjective. But he was the Trickster God, and his desire to cause mischief of his own accord was already surging again. Iron Man had already been unearthed, and he was anxious to take his next move in the chess game.

Drusilla, it seemed, was going to prove more interesting and more… complex than he might have thought. Their last conversation still hung on his lips as he recalled her expressing the desire for him to hurt her. It was an intriguing development which shouldn’t leave him considering. It wasn’t that he’d never partaken of such fruits before, he had simply been disinclined to do so for more than a means to an end, becoming the chameleon lover in hopes of garnering weakness or information. He rarely considered what his own preferences would be. But the idea of marking her too-pale skin, not unlike his own, and perhaps allowing his own dominant nature to seep through was admittedly… intriguing.

Still, there was no time for such things. He had work to do and he needed to seek the appropriate opportunity. With that, she may be able to help. Her proclivity for precognition was proving more useful than he ever could have imagined when he’d taken her from that Rift. Now, he approached her.

"I never did praise you fully for your success," he remarked to Drusilla, taking her in as he stood lax.

Drusilla sat with at a low table and worked with her tarot cards while Loki worked elsewhere. She grew restless from the calm lull and wanted to see what was happening. Who were the people they would get to play their games with now? She shuffled the cards and though briefly of the shop woman who had tasted of cranberries. She’d been a sweet one.

She flipped the first card, knowing what it would be. She centered her King of Cups and paused for a long moment before she flipped the next card. She knew the Empress would appear, standing beside him. She sneered slightly. She knew of these, but what of the other pairs? She went to draw another card, but two came at once. The King of Swords fell onto the table, along with the Queen of Wands. She studied them for a long moment and smiled before she laid down the next card. Death in Reverse sat beside the dual cards. She smiled brightly as she always did when she saw that card. It usually meant that entertaining things were to come for them. She moved to the next pair and laid down the Seven of Swords. She gave a slight purr, enjoying this card as well. She laid down the card of Temperance to complete the pair. She giggled slightly at the oddity, but her entertainment was cut short when she heard Loki speak.

She turned to him and smiled brightly at his words. She could see that their last conversation lingered on his mind, but she said nothing of it. Not for now, anyway. Her hand rested gently on her cards and she sat back to study him with bright eyes. “How would you wish to praise me?” she wondered smoothly.