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Pinpricks of Hope // Drusilla&Dean

Drusilla sat with Miss Edith on the park bench. The flowers had told her that the night would be pretty here, despite their fallen member. Poor Jasmine. She did not deserve the fire that ate her petals. Poor dear…

She cuddled Miss Edith in the crook of her elbow and slipped her blindfold down over her mouth so that she could see the stars with her. She liked company and such whispers told her that she and Miss Edith would no be alone for very long. 

She heard his footsteps as he approached and she swayed gently in her sat. “The sun is back,” she said happily, not looking at him.

Woman in White

Drusilla sat on the headstone and at the feet of the concrete angel and swayed with music that only she could hear. With her red dress spread out around her, she almost looked like a pool of blood at the statue’s feet. 

It was all so lovely tonight. The calm of the air could fool chaos into believing that it was subtle, but she would not be taken by surprise. Not this time. This time, she would help it along, just as she always preferred. She let out a small giggle.

She had searched for the brothers in her mind that day. She had the strong desire to see them again. She wanted to talk to them, especially the one with darkness in him. So much rage…. she shivered in delight at the thought.

She hoped her small ploys would lead them to her soon. The small boy that had seen her in the cemetery the night before would be sure to speak of the ‘woman in white’ that he had had nightmares about that night. That and the body of the girl would raise the suspicion of someone new to Sunnydale. She would wait. She was patient. For now. Besides, if that didn’t work yet, she could always use more treats to lure them to her.